The Rise of the SuperConnector

Why SuperConnectors Never Worry About the Next Sale!

And HOW You Can Legally STEAL the Networking Secrets of Influencers & Become the NEW In-Demand Expert on the Block…

Even if You’re New in Business or Don’t Have Support… And Without Having to Be a Total Douchebag, Resort to Sleazy Networking Strategies, or Beg People to Like, Trust & Refer You.

When You Rank High on the Trust Scale, Sales Never STOP!

In just 8 weeks you get to:

  • Increase your confidence to converse online and offline with a result of a lead, a referral or a sale
  • Enjoy an increased flow of leads and sales, without having to pitch or sell
  • Have more meaningful personal and business relationships, because more people will readily like, know and trust you...
    And an increase the satisfaction of having organised relationships and sleep better at night, because you’re not on your phone trawling social media in the hopes that your next lead will show up
  • Become the person others look up to and become your own lead magnet.
  • Become the SuperConnector that connects with people effortlessly in a COVID world. People are highly sensitive
    You don’t know what they are thinking, feeling or going to do next. 
  • Remove pressure from the sales process. No more cold calling or pretending to be someone you’re not
  • Open doors to influential connections
    People will love doing favours for you, provide resources for you and give you insider information that will give you the edge.
  • Benefit from having more fun building your business and not being attached to an outcome. Which means you’re less likely to show up as stressed, anxious, needy or fake.

And much more!

But before we can get you ranked HIGH on the TRUST SCALE, let’s do a reality check...

Right now, you’re bleeding money and you know it…

Your cash flow is down and you’re secretly worried that your business is going to tank if nothing changes soon…

You know deep in your heart that something is amiss… 

It's like you’ve been ONLY told parts of the solution, but not THE part that will make an actual difference to help you escape the doom & gloom…

You’ve followed the advice of mentors and coaches… 

You’ve rolled up your sleeves and put in a ton of work, but your business has gone backwards…

Your financial stress ratio has reached a pivoting point… 

and I don’t blame you, because bills don’t just go away. You struggle to get a good night’s sleep, because you constantly worry about money. 

Or You’ve Been Lied to About Building a Network of Raving Referrers...

The truth is that you’re not to blame, because you weren’t to know. See, the “old boys” hierarchy is still at play in the shadows of society. 

But before we dive into this business fallacy let’s look what “old style” networking as you know it REALLY is.


  • Picking up the phone with sweaty hands and calling people who have no intention of doing business with you one day after an event
  • Attending live events and exchanging business cards with people who have no intention of doing business with you
  • Trying to get your word in at events and telling everyone how amazing you are (because you’ve been conditioned to believe that’s what it takes to make sales)

The Truth is… Old-Style Networking As You Know It Is DEAD! Enter the Rise of the SuperConnector!

Imagine being able to..

  • Connect with your perfect ideal customers, with effortless ease…
  • Have phone conversations that don’t threaten to give you a panic attack and send you to the ICU…
  • Close new sales gracefully, without money pressure, because really, money pressure disappears when money shows up frequently in your business…
  • THRIVE in an uncertain world, even if many people you know go out of business…

WHY You Must Become a SuperConnector or Risk Hurtling Towards Failure...

  • SuperConnectors are community builders. Right now everyone is feeling disconnected.

SuperConnectors connect people for mutual gain. And are handsomely rewarded by the universe, in the form of new opportunities and resources.  

  • SuperConnectors make big things happen, through their keen understanding and utilisation of social capital.

Social capital is the most important currency in the world (and no one else is talking about this). People, not money or technological tools are the most important assets. People make great things happen in business when the right people come together.

As it has become easier to connect with people we have forgotten what connection really means. We confuse “connect and connection” as being the same thing. But they’re not. 

We strive to get as many connections as we can but we are NOT connected to them. 

There is a big difference between the type of connecting social media has taught us to do and the kind you want to follow. 

We rate ourselves by the number of followers, yet our bank balances are low. Social capital can’t be measured by the numbers of likes and followers we have.

Never mind how much time it takes and how exhausting it actually is to try and “growth hack” your way to influencer status!

It's insane to continue on with this fruitless exercise, in a world that no longer operates like it did pre-Covid.

Your customer can sniff your neediness a mile away! I’m sure you’ve had your share of Messenger replies trying to convince you to buy something you don’t want under the guise of being “helpful.” 


So How on Earth Can You Still Get Noticed?

Networking as you know it has moved onto Zoom. So unless you know how to nail your pitch you have no hope to grab attention.

Well, actually YOU DO. But you’ve got to…

Become a SuperConnector So You Can STOP Pitching & START CONNECTING, for Real!

Your pitch does not allow you to build rapport. 

Rapport is essential to build trust.

Trust is essential to make sales!

SuperConnectors understand what their audience (really) needs, and are able to connect with ease and intent.

That’s a massive pivot right there in how you show up, connect and make sales.

And that’s why I’ve created “The Rise of the SuperConnector” course. 

What’s Inside the Course?

Pillar #1: Networking

This entire module is about Brand Awareness of Self. It’s a relationship-building intensive.

In this phase, you’ll recognise where you are now and where you need to go to become a SuperConnector.

  • Walk away with a solid plan of action after a thorough internal & external audit...
  • Get access to the steps designed to develop the mindset and daily habits of a SuperConnector...
  • Receive the proven strategy to Google-Proof Your Reputation...
  • Create your “Power Circle Framework”...
  • Construct your “Power Circle Strategy”, ready to be implemented...
  • Set up your professional “Guidance of Management System” to nurture relationships through a CRM...
  • Understand the real meaning of ‘adding value’ and how this affects how you close new business...
  • Learn to handle generational differences...
  • Infiltrate power circles of influential people, with ease!

Pillar #2: Build Rapport the SuperConnector Way

In this pillar, you’ll deep dive into the building phase of becoming a SuperConnector.

  • Discover the “Definition of Rapport” and how to build it...
  • Investigate and research powerful online and offline branding techniques that SuperConnectors use (I’ll open the hood and let you take a sneaky peek)... 
  • Unlock the “Key Elements of Building Rapport” with practice training sessions in a closed Facebook group...
  • Unleash the strategic methodology to build rapport online... 
  • Identify the common mistakes that build rapport and simple ways to fix them...
  • Know when you’re dealing with a bad actor, leech or psychopath and how to exit...
  • Learn breakthrough strategies to help overcome the habit of not following up...
  • Access Facebook group practice sessions with me and other group members to master the skills of rapport building like a SuperConnector.
  • And more!

Pillar #3: Opportunities SuperConnectors Never Miss

Enter the transformation phase of becoming a SuperConnector!

  • Grow your capacity to recognise missed opportunities in a diverse range of conversations...
  • Understand the power of affinity, building trust, and letting go of the attachment to the outcome...
  • Practice my “Active Listening Methodology” and why it’s essential to identify a good lead opportunity...
  • How to adopt a curious mode of being and how this assists you in securing opportunities...
  • Learn the “Peeling the Onion” trick to ask quality questions that will grab the attention of your future clients...
  • Discover practical ways in a conversation to overcome the urge to make your business solution fit and identify other ways you can still deliver business solutions that will be just as satisfying...
  • Access investigation activities to help you find and create your own opportunity of influence in a variety of conversation settings...

Pillar #4: The Positioning Solution of A SuperConnector

In week #4 you’ll enter the exciting beginning phase of becoming a SuperConnector of Influence.

This is where everything you’ve learned up until this stage is going to make sense and fit together like a beautiful puzzle.

  • Positioning skills you need to learn to influence the outcome...
  • The secret behind the art to influence to create a win/win scenario...
  • Investigation of influential people and the habits and behaviours they display which allows them to position themselves as the solution... 
  • Ways to identify how influential people position themselves… the good, the bad & the ugly...
  • Learn the practice of positioning yourself as the solution online and offline...
  • Understand the powerful role ‘relationship building’ has to maximise positioning and influence to secure sponsorships and other deals...
  • Overcome barriers and self-sabotaging thoughts during the positioning phase!

The Rise of the SuperConnector gives you back control of how you build, manage and grow amazing relationships as a business influencer.

This is for you if you love being in the driver’s seat and are ready to roll up your sleeves and build your network and net worth.

Have We Met?

Hi, I’m Marg Lange!

I’m a Business Launch Specialist, a Targeted Lead Generator & a SuperConnector.

Having launched two successful businesses in the past 35 years, I understand exactly what it means to demonstrate “business resilience.” Life threw me plenty of curveballs, and I could have just given up and gone back to a paid JOB. But I refused to be defeated so I used those lessons to rebuild and relaunch.

My decision to relaunch under my personal name meant that I would be putting my reputation on the line. So I didn't make that decision lightly. After speaking with a trusted confidante who said that I should start doing for myself what I do for everyone else (generating leads through utilisation of my connections) I knew he was right.

I’ve always had a love of learning—human development, psychology and human behaviour fascinates me. It's why I left school and majored in Health and Human Development as a Secondary School teacher back in the 80s. Then, in a light-bulb moment it occurred to me I could teach others to generate their own leads by becoming a SuperConnector.

What Customers Said After Attending One of My In-Person Workshops About Becoming a SuperConnector...

John Ross, Director of Effective Recoveries

“I had the privilege of attending Marg’s Masterclass yesterday. It was well organised with an array of people from varying industries to meet and discuss with. The content was interesting and informative, and the participation of attendees was well enjoyed. Definitely worth attending.”

Costa Athanassiou, Producer Health Wellbeing and Lifestyle TV Show

“I went along to Marg Lange’s Masterclass on “How to network to get More sales without being Sleazy’. Marg’s style was light-hearted yet educational and was able to convey her knowledge in an informal setting. Marg’s Masterclass created positive vibes which aided my ability to network more confidently. It was engaging, very relaxed and not dry.”

Louise Keramaris, Life Coach Infinite Inspiration

“I have been witness to Marg's journey from the Real Tradies Wives to this new business which is in effect honouring Marg's strengths in bringing together people that share her values to create a platform to nurture their self-development and support start-ups  that are willing to trust someone that has "been there  - like the Phoenix rising from the ashes"  and mentor and coach them to take that leap of faith into the next level with what looks like an extraordinary team."

Take Your Business from Barely Surviving to Thriving… In Just 8 Weeks!

I’d love to show you how you can network like an influencer, build your net worth and become a sought after expert in your industry.

It takes 8 weeks to pivot to better connections, deeper relationships and more sales. 

Will you join us?

The Rise of the SuperConnector is a 8-Week Online Course, (complete with Coaching and Course Materials) is an Investment in yourself  for Just $1297 USD

Buy Risk Free with My 7-Day Love-It-Or-Get-Your Money Back Guarantee

Look, I know it’s scary to invest money into anything these days. But I also KNOW without a doubt how important this course is for the survival of your business.

I wouldn’t have created it otherwise. So to take the risk away from you I’ve decided to give you an unconditional, 7-Day “Love-It-Or-Get-Your Money Back Guarantee!”

It’s simple really...
When you buy the course you get 7 days to deep dive into Pillar #1.
 And if you don’t absolutely love what you see by this stage simply email me for a full refund. No questions asked. Hey, I won’t even ask you to send me proof of completion!
I believe that if we’re not a fit and you don’t love what I’ve created to help your business survive & thrive in an uncertain world then I don’t deserve to keep your money! 
Fair deal? You bet!

Nothing Will Change Until You Change the Way You Network & Connect

Err.. is this relationship marketing?

In case you’re thinking, “Oh is this relationship marketing,” which is often perceived as network marketing (MLM) and which people despise… well it’s not. 

All the big gurus... from Grant Cardone, Gary Vee, Kerwin Rae, Cham Tang swear by technology. It is here to stay. It works way quicker and more efficiently in achieving leads and sales if you know what you are doing and have good SEO, social media strategy, fancy funnels and all the other bells and whistles sold to us.

The problem is… you can’t change your personality. You’re either an introvert or an extrovert or a mixture of both. You can have all the fancy bells and whistle marketing. But if your ability to influence is non existent you’ll continue to struggle and eventually burn out and fail. 

I’d love to teach you the skills that allowed me to rise from the ashes of defeat multiple times in my life and create success for my clients and myself in a rising competitive world.

The Rise of the SuperConnector is a 8-Week Online Course and Sells for Just 

$1297 USD 


Q: Is this a networking course?

A: No, networking is transactional, self serving and for the purpose of what you can get out of the other person. 

Look at this as learning to become a connector in a networking environment if you choose to continue to show up at networking events. 

You’ll have the edge over the others in any social situation

Q: I’m a start up. Will this work best for me or should I be focussing on a digital strategy?

A: The beauty of this is that you can have the best of both worlds. 

You don’t have to give up using digital technology altogether. 

By learning how to blend being a SuperConnector & using technology you have more chances of launching a successful business in a world where the market is unstable.

Q: If I am an employee will the SuperConnector course help me?

A: Yes, being a SuperConnector and completing this course will enhance both your personal and professional relationships. 

Remember, regardless of you being an employee or a business owner, your network is your net worth (Especially if you are a BDM or need to find another job).

Q: Is this an MLM thing?

A: No, SuperConnectors don’t adhere to the MLM philosophy of network marketing where relationships are “used” to build a business.

Building a business the SuperConnector way comes from the consequence of taking interest in others, giving value and yielding the results that come from that.

Q: What is a Power Circle Influencer and what does that have to do with becoming a SuperConnector?

A: Think of a Power Circle Influencer as being a member of the “old boys network”. 

SuperConnectors that have access to a circle of powerful people build businesses more successfully and quickly. 

Doors are opened, opportunities to grow offered, introductions to people who can make big things happen are given and much more. 

The benefits of being a SuperConnector outweigh the investment in this course at least ten fold.

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